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Loved The Most

There was darkness everywhere. A girl was in the scary forest alone. She was here because she has lost freedom which she loved the most. You don’t lose by yourself, you lose because of others who can snatch what you got. After covering a long journey, she has come to a place where there was a huge gap between two mountains. She has to cross it because now she has lost her loved ones. Ones whom she wished to be with in her life. They were caged by a monster. They were caged because the same monster have come to known that she has other loved things too. She was fighting for her freedom and loved ones. There were many pillar type stands in the gap but not all were strongly built. To make it more difficult for her, there was huge tides of water filled to the height of stands such that she can't see. Heavy stone rainfall that she couldn't see whatever little one could see in the dark area and the hurt due to stones forced her to give up. She has to choose wisely on which stand she keep her foot else she will fall to death. If she fails then her loved ones will be the next target. What benefited her in this lone journey was the hurdles itself. The stones in the rain didn't hurt her as she got used and the hurt inside her is more than what it was giving. She had main focus on her loved ones more since she didn’t want anything bad happen to them. The tides were helping to identity which stand is the strong one to step on. The weaker ones had cracks. One wrong decision by her, the tides, the stones, the heavy rains, the forest animals nearby will hit, hurt, hunt and eat her up respectively. Only one attempt she has, to pass. The monster has used its entire force to destroy her. In this noisy, fearful hurdle, she focused to hear her mind seriously. Her loved ones who are caged can't hint her, having seen the path before been caged up. They knew everyone who is involved, planted to fail her. But they are so far that she can't even hear properly too. In hope, her loved ones are waiting for her to win. They are happy to know that she has seen clearly the real monster. Her encounter with it has given her an idea about whole troubles she could have because all the troubles what she will facing will be the variants of what she experienced. She begins to move forward by stepping on the stands. The long journey was exhausting! At times very risky, at times she wasn't in a position to stand up, at times she didn't get time to even breathe and relax due to simultaneous troubles! She has no sword to fight against monster minions too. Finally, she reaches the end. She could hear the voice of the monster but can't see. Her loved ones cries, she can hear but can't see what is happening to them. She knows she has reached very near to them. Now only task left is to pick a path and clear it for them to run away from the clutches of the monster. Will she have her freedom and loved ones back? Will she get out of the forest ever in her life is the climax question. And the answer to this depends upon the slaves of the monster. The girl was adamant to accept defeat, so she won against all the challenges.
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MORAL: Never give up. There is always a way for you. Its not happening to you, its happening for you. Love and truth can conquer the battles. Be versatile. Learn and unlearn as per the situation demands. Keep your patience when fighting bigger battles. You are dismantling the tombs where they hide.