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Lessons For Life

Once upon a time a girl went to hiking for the first time due to peer pressure. She filled the form for the adventure trip. Her couple of friends due to some reasons couldn't join her. Now, she was among the unknowns. She knew only the guide who called her to pick up. The guide told to trust him as he the best, also encouragingly said that she would make it. The journey with the unknowns in the wild area where one could get hurt, have shortage of food, signals can go out of coverage, far away place begun. It was a hiking but in reality this was the crude journey on that place of earth whose details are unaware to public. Everyone had little either theoretical or practical knowledge about jungle life and survival tips. Most that's why came to experience in real. At beginning, everyone used their smartness & brought the necessities. They thought they are well prepared to handle any situation. They had clear map, compass, expert guide, hunting skills, and the perfect estimation of days it will take to reach destination. Most were from far away states and countries so they booked their return tickets too as per the expert’s estimations. The girl hating everything since the beginning, smiled along with others but she was wishing that the trip ends as early as possible. She even decided that if this journey will be boring, uncomfortable, not valuable, then she would return back to her home. Everything is set but does things go as per plan? What could possibly happen in this long distanced trip? How would they tackle their shortages? Whom will they depend if the persons whom they trusted will turn out to be selfish or the useless ones who knew nothing. All that maturity, good talks, social experiences, positivity, motivation will be effectively used, because when there is a bad situation every good brain stops functioning. When there is fear, deaths, & hopelessness around many good experienced person fails to make use of the good knowledge learnt from life experiences and from books. This story had the same thrills like we read or watched in movies. The beginning excitements made all realize that this journey will be the most memorable one. Full of life positivity practically they will experience. Everyone was sharing food. Tried to get to know each-other. When the sun set, as they had all resources they had no problems. They had only this guide as expert in finding the routes. So they respected him and gave his words so much importance that they listened to his every true or fake stories. Many felt somewhere that how irritating this guy is. He don't even help in anything. Think of himself as boss since everyone is listening and being nice to him out of respect and trust. They ignored his every negative tantrums, many a times his careless behaviour too which landed everyone in trouble. With great patience they used to explain how could he behave this way? What if one seriously get injure? Where would they take that person in this jungle to treat? Many times they hated his attitude of laughing at others who couldn't walk too far or who had bruises even after wearing good shoes or badly hurt or came to hiking even though had breathing problems and other health issues. After two days he started pressuring people to make it quick. Stopped encouraging. Tensed them with his sharp critics by such as what kind of ill born you people are who are unable to make it. There's lot to walk. Mercilessly shouted at them inspite of knowing that many are inexperienced and are new to hiking. Not habituated to tolerate stress very long and walk for hours. Sleeping with mosquitoes biting whole night is giving them even more headache. Weak health possessing people need to take their medicines and rest properly. Everyone is here to enjoy the journey. Can't let some suffer and some enjoy. Teamwork is needed. Also, fear of any unwanted accidents. He has to be patient. But irritatingly, he was becoming only the problem. Why that big pride of knowing everything he had, all puzzled when he didn't have minimum sense about anything. They hated for signing him as guide. His fake stories was irritating even more. Then started quarrels. Everyday one who gets so much attention, respect, all were serving without complaints, gave ears to listen every nonsense patiently, behaved good even if did wrong, patiently explained him, was now getting totally different treatment as all were having bad times. He was the cause of everything. He couldn't take this insult. Cunningly smiled that he knows all the routes and left them. But didn't followed them by stalking from behind. He used dirty tricks to trouble them. The members who at the beginning couldn't understand what's going on, realised that how lies & gossip was used to make them fight among themselves. However, they have become a good family as they understood the mischief guide was behind it. So it didn't take much time for them to understand that it was him only who is following and giving them all possible pains so that everyone suffer and d1e. Exactly d1! Its a jungle area, nobody walks here. And a place where none can hear, see, find out anything makes one a merciless wild monster animal. He took the help of wild animals. Fed them and kept them as pets to use them to attack on these innocents. Members knew that they are lost and totally walking on and on hopelessly. So some of them wished to give up life too. While some decided to patch with the guide, thinking he knows all, he would help them to reach the city. This guide was in total revenge mode. He told those who came towards him that do as he says to them. They agreed and did everything he said. That everything was only to act as per his planning to end their other friends lives who have refused to be the guide. They got tired, felt guilty too but hoped it will end soon. But it didn't Because as days passed the hiking participants became more aware of survival. Earlier their YouTube tricks, early man discovery tricks which failed, they now have deeply understood the techniques of how to do it in right-way and survive. So they were able to live against every odds. Ears became alert like wild animals. Gained strength to fight. Took care of each-other. Learnt the real life lessons.
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MORAL: Never be selfish. Always try to help out each other. Try to understand the other person and keep the patience to help them rectify themselves. Teamwork can help you overcome any life’s challenging hurdle. Never overestimate others and underestimate yourself. You have the capability of doing wonders. Just trust yourelf. The storm lasts for a while only. Stay there still. Nothing bad will happen so keep moving forward. Its all dust. Once it disappears, you will find yourself very close to your destination. Every right or wrong effort is worth it. Keep doing it. If you are smart and had the choice of hurting others, be prepared to experience the worst yourself. Invalidating your feelings is like gaslighting.