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Are female new ‘trash’ ?











big division in the women gender

Our society earlier had deep hatred for men since the women were their victim. Men were phrased as “trash”. Recently, we see women are no more good as they were considered to be. Many men has been harassed, blackmailed, falsely complained and ill-treated by the women without any fault of theirs’. Men have started to fear of marrying or having any relationship with women because of the stringent laws made in favour of them. The society are yet to wake up. They don’t believe men and easily get convinced that in any situation the man is at fault. So, what has changed recently is a serious question to ponder upon! The females are certainly divided into two types in the India. One is considered to be as woke feminist who are filled with arrogance and the other one is the real conservative yet open minded feminist. The woke feminist fool men, use them and when done, get rid off them either by blackmailing them of sending to jail or do file the case falsely. They are always found holding victim card feeling everyone is obliged to serve them since they are women. Surprisingly, these women are revolted against by the women only who are the real feminist. Some men welcome this woke behaviour in women since they like believe in ‘friends with benefits’ principle. They believe they have one life, then what have as many relationships with women. The woke culture what we call these days. Consequently, there is some support from the side of certain men. This is resulting in creation of a different type of expectancy in a relationship by the men from women. There’s mouth for what’s OK and what’s not. Is life about fulfilling selfish pleasures which could be unethical or leading with dignity? A the woke culture is trying with fast pace to convert the other women who are adamant to change. For why is there a need of doing this is the real question! Actually, there is greater desire to rule hence the woke community are eager to grow their community. They refuse to accept for being mentally ruined. They never want to bring the guilt of not having good ethics and ashamed for ruining their’s and other’s lives in the flame of desires. How long real feminists will educate and train their tribe and how long the hunt of them by the woke feminists will continue is a tediously serious question. Let's add politics to this fight now. Indian politics as we have known, its a politics where victim "actor" gets votes to run the state /country. Minority is golden den for them. The greedy actors would be pleased easily by the greedy woke feminists. The picture of the situation will be then presented far from the truth as a result. Suppose, from the real feminists give the tough fight to the woke feminists and win to finally demand for no interference of the woke feminism in their culture then the woke feminists will cry for others being intolerant and targeting like a narcissist. Conclusion There is only one solution for different mindset people to co-exist and that is to separating from each other to practice peacefully each’s choice of living. The defeat should be written clearly in the history for no kind of trouble in future. If the woke feminists are really worried about the status other’s are having they either abide to live according to their culture or let go of the validation from others since you can’t change yourself.
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