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Decoding the situation where you, the

narcissist and the other members exist

in a room to discuss- WHO IS


Narcissist never sets you free. If you are adamant to break whichever relation you had with them as their toxicity is taking toil on you. Then expect these weird things narcissist do. The weird thing narcissists do usually includes calling on people whom you know, they know, or the outsiders like the police, building head, NGO, women group and many such others. The aim is clear, that is to make you apologize since you are torturer and they are victim(which is of course untrue). All the members participating in your fight will be forced to pick their side. All these folks are manipulated, so expect a very long battle. So, here we go! The scene is below described where the weird things narcissists do is described with crisp and clarity. Play the act by imagining in your mind while reading it. Among many, the weird things narcissists do is panchayat mainly. They only have complaints with them. 24hrs keep complaining. It feels only they are good while the whole society is bad. Every small thing hurts them. They are so perfect that it irritates or may be they like annoying others even if someone hadn't done any wrong to them. That's why I have stated it as- weird things narcissists do. Ain't this so weird? If there's nothing to complain about then they create one and wrongly put the blame on other to talk bad about them whole day. They will keep repeating the same complaints each day to keep the fuel burning. They very well know how to use the anger of men/women. They don't trust anybody. They are satisfied with no one. Not even those who fight for them. Now this includes another weird things narcissists do list. They doubt each and everybody. Since they annoy others so much so feel, others always gossip about them. They fear that these people will tell others especially discuss the real matter to those who fight for them and turn all against them. They fear a lot for their reputation. They lie around whole day but will never accept that they ever lie. They fake love to all. In front of those people who be in favour of these they behave too good, do show off as how kind, merciful, thoughtful, in what sense they taunt others they show. Allowing those fools to get more fooled. They always spy due to avast insecure feeling. This insecure feeling make them not allow others to interact with each-other. These so live in fear. If found interacting then again panchayat of why what. Hellish another weird things narcissists do. They think rest have only gossips to talk. In actual they like to lighten themselves by having fun. They prefer forgetting about fight, sadness, avoid this 24hrs lizard for few minutes from their life. During panchayat they will gather up each and every person they know to debate about a situation where definitely they only did something wrong. They will order these ppl to question, prove and all. Then again they won't allow them to talk the actual happened. That whole statement will be rejected. Before that only this mental will jump to prove their point. Focus should be on their statements. Frustrating weird things narcissists do is this. They play manipulation tricks on others so that the person either be quiet in the name of love or respect, or feel guilty that of what he did. Then the narcissist take this fellow to the audience to manipulate them with the help of him. Mass level manipulation! The confidence but deters in a second when some objectionable doubt is raised by some mindful person. The whole mass audience then pressurize to clear that. Then comes some other story in fear. Then another as they fight. Then confusion of who is right. This goes on and there is no one stop this tension spread by the manipulator. He keeps adding more lies for audience to feel responsible to help out whoever the innocent is. And in this who is actually getting the truth will be sacked. Then that fellow and his words will be questioned. In-fact the whole series now focuses on digging out bio of this fellow. Till then the manipulator goes on relax mode and enjoy the show as now he has no eyes on him whatsoever. So how does it feel to be in that negative environment? Whole story is there but no basis. None can back off as they have unknowingly as time passed, with their involvement of more or little have become a part of it. Their attendance is demanded. And their fragile innocence wishes things to bring to an end so with hope be there to help all get out of it. Finally friends, its not another weird things narcissists do but it is a mentally disorder unacceptable patient does! The manipulator manipulates so many, speaks so many lies to trouble people to look,search for evidences like a fool, being all hungry, sleepless, tensed, worried, in fear; with regret of being in this mess. The hope dies seeing this never ending fighting. Nothing of all this will melt the manipulator narcissist. The most frustrating thing is he, the problem giver only demands quick solution. How can find anything which is hidden by the giver himself. Isn't this unfair? This is pure mental retarded game. I don't understand who enjoys this. And for this long?
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