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Entertainment is an intellectual display of knowledge in a

playful manner

Great people are ones who mix learning with entertainment to go far since they can hook the user’s both emotional (entertainment) and logical mind (learning). Say no to all forms of entertainment when there is no learning in it. You don’t need entertainment which showcase itself just as pleasure. Entertainment should build you by exercising your brain that would help to nourish your soul emotionally.

Reality is way more

entertaining than

entertainment when life

is well lived

You want to get to a point where life is entertainment then chase these goals in life: Financial freedom, hobbies, strong relationships, a sense of purpose and not being too serious in life. Fulfilling your potential is your best entertainment. Entertainment is not supposed to be a way to avoid facing the reality of life. Poor quality is robbing people’s mind, especially kid’s. Creating is the most important of entertainment. That which is known to everyone but not seen nor experienced in real. By creating you enhance your understanding on the deeper level. The better you understand, the better you will succeed to create.

Entertainment is the new drug

Entertainment is an opiate that stifles young men and women. It robs them of time they could be producing or learning and instead lulls them into a false sense of accomplishment by binging an entire series in a week. Entertainment is a spice of life, not the meal!
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