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for someone else to solve their problems- Frustration










simplify as much as possible.

Depression is emotion based. Similar to it is "frustration". Frustration is mental based. You get frustration when consistently you are made to work on projects which can't be finished since your boss has no plan & proper understanding sense in the ongoing project which requires too much attention and thinking mind than idle mind who fails to grasp the done work too. Problem of having dumb as boss or as colleague is that you feel all alone. The whole workload which requires too many hands to complete, since alone you go around running every desk to check updates. You struggle with your work to complete it quickly, then explain the data gathered related to work to your colleagues, who being dumb won't get it, so you end up doing partly their work too along with yours as you can’t afford any delays. There could be chances that they being senior give their work load to you only with a warning that complete it before a particular deadline since they don’t wish to their bosses. Mostly these people act like babies with whom the tutor needs to sit beside, hold their hands to help them to write and count or utter properly. So is it possible to manage the whole all alone without any complaints and appreciation? Highly impossible! You will find yourself in constant fear that if you are not able to make it then you may lose your job. A project is a work which needs months of hard-work. With this kind of speed you will never reach your goal on time. Your health will fall within a month. But if you are in such helpless situation, imagine the pain! In a painful situation like this, if you are emotionally too broken because of the bossy attitude of those people who can't contribute even 1%, who are in safe zone only because of you, but they irritate you causing mental harassment is even more frustrating. But give your best short. This pressurised situation will help you shine like diamond. Once when accomplished, if the boss or colleagues or both don’t change their attitude towards you, then you won’t mind at all. You dare up to take your mini team created or may start alone your own start up. You will become the wild flower that can’t be beaten up so easily. Only thing you have to keep in mind is maintain your physical and mental health. Don’t worry if you have no support system even at your home. As you progress in your work, you will soon attract people who would be thankful of having you as their help and support.
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