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Fantasy love

dreams trouble

teens and virgin


What's the reality that you are missing to view?

All the teens and other old virgin men, you all might have approached girls in your arena. If dare enough, might had a chance to talk for a while to the girl whom you had crush on! Reality should remind you that you can't make a move even casually. Remember slap, public embarrassment, her father /brother and friend's scoldings too.

Is your 'love' real or fantasy?

If your love is sexual then probably all that you know & experienced about love is fantasy.

The conclusion point?

Don't run towards anything fantasy. If you force yourself on others sexually, then remind

yourself that there exists a word for such forceful acts, which is criminal. Stop watching films

and following Bollywood stars. What they show is far from reality. Get awared that

confidence in fantasy gives no courage in reality! One loud voice or if you some elder entering

you will rush quickly to run! DO NOT encourage yourself to do anything stupid due to that

inner fantasy desire. Keep your feelings for the right time. Don't let it out so easily. You will

regret to crossing line and getting nothing but shame. Once the news pass you won't be able

to face anyone.

Is there a problem energizing the fanstasy?

Only in your fantasy you dare up. Better get a help for yourself to overcome it before some mischief uses your fantasy. Fantasy seduction is a way of corrupting your mind. Do something better work rather wasting time on it. You will never have anyone but add on more frustrations and insults.
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