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can’t control you?

Your confidence and your self esteem will help to overcome from the narcissist's emotionally abusive relationship. H ere, you shall be explained about how does a narcissist react when they can't control you. Before knowing how does a narcissist react when they can't control you, you need to understand why they behave this way in the first place. The emotionally abusive reaction is due to what reasons? The weird things that narcissists do is due to their internal mental disorder or due to the external behaviour of the other people to them or is it both? The prime reason for most of your doubts resides in narcissism and codependency check-list. A narcissist is emotionally abusive and heartless only because they wish to have recognition from everyone. Their fragile ego and self esteem breaks in a minute if you talk against them. And if this happens repeatedly then they go all extreme emotionally-abusive behaviour. WHY DOES EVERYONE AROUND FEEL DEFENSIVE AND EACH DAY FIGHT WITH EACH-OTHER? The perfect question to be looked upon when you are wondering about how does a narcissist react when they can't control you and why are narcissists emotionally abusive. What a narcissist does is that they wish to keep you trapped forever. If you aren’t mindful, then they will try to win you back by using their favourite weapons which is technically called as gas-lighting, guilt-tripping, seduction, reminding you of old times and if all this fails then they will try to gain your attention every day, every hour, every minute, every second, whatever accessible to them. Their attention seeking technique includes calling people unknown- known and blame you. Their another most favourite technique is to make you realise how innocent they are, how super good they are, how helpless they are without you. Overall they try to win you back! They are the biggest victim players!! No matter how much you make up your mind to not do, but you will keep running to either give justifications to yourself or doing chores for them. You shall fail to succeed so as to move on in life. Do you know why? The reason is simple. The narcissist knows how to sound positively and nice. Remember I said mindful. So, if you are mindful then you would notice the real meaning behind the words, the negativity in their actions because all that they would be doing is making negative remarks about you. Guilt-tripping, remember the basics boss :-) If this fails to bring you back then they will try convincing with a promise that they will work on it, feel apologetic to treat this way, et al. But as soon as they win you back the cycle of torture, emotional abuse, not being enough, everything begins. That's their normal nature. They have to do it as though they are drug addicts. But if failed, they will give up on winning you back and begin harassing you by calling people around. Everyday will same discussion. The narcissist will keep manipulating innocents, use them to torture for them. They would be reduce to sleep and win people who shall irritate for their sake. Each day a new lie will be presented and their followers, the moral placard holders will scold you and lecture you.
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