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How You Explain Things Matters!

Years are passing by and there is lots of things happening in and around the world, thus creating lots of historical stories to tell to the next generation. Some of us have suffered while some enjoyed torturing and wish to continue their agenda by destroying other’s lives. Both have to use some method to explain things and clear all the misconceptions regarding their history to their younger generation so that this saga continues and they don’t fall in any traps. It is the responsibility of the elders in the family to educate the youngsters. They should mould them into a shape like theirs so that their tribe continue to live with unity and have the same common objective in life to progress in life. They should educate about all the good and bad giving all the reasons to the rising questions as their kids grow up. A strong moral education only helps in building the character of a growing adult. So, it is very important that the educators have the right mindset, else the whole generation gets mislead and direction-less. Ultimately, the opportunists or the other tribe takes this opportunity to mislead them and finish their existence by shooting guns on their tribe over the shoulders of these mislead families. Thus, in order for the truth to prevail and vanish the bad forces which is hungry to loot everything for their own benefits, and to make the society better enough for the young generation, it is important to be educated and tell all the real history. Now, the question is how to tell this history? It is indeed very difficult. You are very likely to get angry, develop hatred and wish to cut all the ties, unfollow secularism that society demands and finish off once for all the fight that ended by unfair means. But this is not the solution. Interestingly, I have observed that the ones who are on the good side, they just wait for the right time to tell or some think that since all those fights have stopped, why instil all those horror stories in their child’s mind. But on the other side, the ones on the wrong side be very proud and keep telling stories so that their kids be tough enough to kill without any mercy. They force their kids to prepare their bodies to beat anyone in one short, read their rule books, sing their slogans or cite certain sayings so as to stay firm in their beliefs and tradition. However, there are few cases of the ones who are on the good side and who actively participated in the politics. They always kept their kids motivated and stay grounded with the reality inspite of the changed society as they don’t let their kids to be in dilemma that the society was all good and adjusting since the beginning. To make this environment all peaceful and tie up the hands of the bad people so that they don’t dare to do anything. A war was fought and many gave up their lives to save their pride and for the truth to prevail forever. The bad forces never get finished. Its a continuous cycle. Once the bad wins and once the good wins. The bad somehow manages to leave a part of them. That’s why one shouldn’t see happiness of present and expect that even the future also be the same. At that time, by the time they try gathering people and convincing their group to fight and teach all the history to make them agree, the bad forces will come and finish them off. Finally, there would be no one to say the real story. The world will be in chaos. It would need the divine forces to stop all the miseries. Another interesting point to note is that, the part that gets left by the evil could be with their one of the family member or the slave who belonged to the good tribe but he was heart- touched by the little gesture his master did for him. He may form the army to take the revenge. Internally, with all silence the bad makes his group strong and finally start executing their plan to take the revenge. Now that you might have understood that this cycle will never end. So, be dedicated like the bad guys and teach your kids in your own way so that they have right attitude and be smart enough, otherwise if they start reacting then the bad will finish them off in a second. Keep your army strong by maintaining your strength in population, maintaining peace and harmony by collectively celebrating festivals and then remembering time-to-time the ones who gave their lives and contributed a lot for them to breathe the air of peace.
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