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really a problem?

Selfishness and insecurity are a symptom of inner weakness of people who constantly be in fear for self-preservation. The lesser the confidence, more is their egoism. Hence, such people couldn’t handle criticism to improve themselves rather use abusive words, insult others, drag in family too in their abuses who has nothing to do with their debate, totally out of topic, which won’t even help them to succeed in proving themselves that they are right but these cowards need a reason to escape and satisfy their false ego. Such mindset people who are acting this rude with others, do so either due to their upbringing or through their self-education of such mannerism because of their egoistic nature developed due to some reasons, such can exist in any strata of family. It has nothing to do with them being single child or one who has too many younger or elder siblings. There never existed any definite theory that all the single child of parents has ego and anxiety issues or may be the one who is having too many elder siblings will always seek pampering et al. The spoilt behaviour is rarely related to one single child or not. The apple gets rotten due the improper environmental conditions it got exposed to. That’s we see rich family being disrespected while poor respected for holding strong moral attitude. Henceforth, we can conclude that ethics has dependent on individual’s conscience while behaving with others at a given situation. Having good attitude at right time is what defines the character of the individual. A morally disciplined person receives good remarks wherever she or he goes if we mindful to ignore the people are hated filled with ego and jealous. Such hate filled people are full of flaws but work hard for self-preservation by treating others harshly thinking belittling others will make them win over others. Similarly, nuclear or joint family is an individual freedom of choice. An individual’s experience will decide whether it is problematic or not. Either of them could be suffocating for some while joy-filled to the others. Some have surpassed to hold good character even if they lived for years in a toxic relationship or family.
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