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Kaagaz was reality-based film. We have heard such things happening but never knew how this happens right in front of the victim. How does he react? Who comes to support at times like this? How his kids and wife feel about it? What future problems he thinks off and be worried? Babus, System, Media, public, journalists, family and those fraud relatives role are perfectly executed for any common man, even kid to understand very well the depth of the situation. This story begins wonderfully the hero running his small business which he started on his own will. He was very happy that it provides job the poor people. Prouder that he is best in the market. Well talented that he adds new variety to give the satisfaction to his customers that they have been hired for the purpose. He trains his workers. He had a beautiful wife who supported & trusted him. And they had lovely two kids. The wife was smart so she used to key her ‘Bhola Ram’. After all she wanted prosperity in their lives which an individual should responsibly think to have a comfortable affordable life. She advised him to increase his business by talking to someone. If not take bank loan at least. Seriously, it is an irritating feeling when your husband is best but don't utilize his talent to improvise life. And if you can see the poverty life, know that there is no one for you then you very well understand to have things of your own that you need not think of other's mercy. I, myself hated that feeling. It is even more irritating feeling when people want you to do it, grow but will not give you the required freedom, opportunities, accessibility, support, power. But expect best quick results. Not bothered if I keep spending my own then how will my family survive. Most importantly how I shall survive. Tomorrow if anything happens, what savings have I left for them and myself? This hard-work is which use? Unashamed, naked ugly people think others are servants who has to do things for free. Without complaints whatever it may cost them in the process, but they should keep them in top priority. These when become parents they feed their kids with expectation of maximum returns. Do your parents keep list to keep reminding you what, where, when, how long, why he did, spent, invested for you? God spare my whole generation from such nauseating thankless people who induces debited feeling. Think about those kids how hesitant and un-free they feel. Will there exist any true bond of love & understanding or dealership? Does the person doesn't have a heart to understand how the other person is feeling due to his presence while receiving or doing things for him? Doesn't he have the right to have the opinion, some returns expectation? Relationship has its own rules. It is a deal or said/unsaid promise to live with. So here husband goes to take the loan after thinking from all angles and trusting his capability, utilizing the fair opportunity given by banks called loan. A way where a deal happens that if I help you then do this thing in return and this is my surety proof that we will stick to it. Fairly, one has to do their said work and free themselves from each other leaving no loops of complaints behind. The hero gives his trusts to his relatives. It is his good upbringing that never asked for his share; doesn't wish to bring shame to his family for anyone to talk about. He let his share of land to be used by them. He believed in keeping a good mutual relation. But the relatives were cunning and money minded. Selfish to the such extent that they are ready to cheat their own who always gives their respect. They kept their family and its happiness as priority. They cheated by declaring hero as dead and has set his will that he wilfully gave his property to them but not to his family. How mean that never asked about his whereabouts or his family but in relation they declared as relatives who gets the right to own his property The rest story as described earlier is about the plight of the hero, his wife and kids, the helpless government the true journalists, our hero's hesitancy removal, his fight to bring good future to his family, his tricks used to show government to accept him, useless friends, the years of long of fight, hurtful separation feeling from his wife and kids, then the real big shot of life changing moment that is his entry in politics to having his own party to win the elections.
Director-Satish Kaushik
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