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Life and Relationships

Life tests us without any warnings while relationships tests

us secretly with an early warning through intuitions.

We are all blessed with a gift called life. In life, we have created various relationships. So as an individual we have to care of our private life as well as people whom we are in relationships willing or unwillingly. There lies the complications because we are entirely free person. Each of us are tied to one or the another with or without our choice. Some of us can be happy with their un-chosen bonds existing in their life, while some may not. Some are hating to live in their chosen relationship. They feel trapped. While on the other hand, some are happy with their choice of partner chosen. Not only this, after having fixed relationships that is existing with our willing and unwilling, we also have temporary relationships.

We are that’s why always

find ourselves in stress.

Unless we have proper guidance about life and the rules of living it, we will suffer always. We will always have broken hearts that is crying or yearning for someone or the other. We shall prefer to live separately from everyone. Like this keep running from everyone and end up being very lonely and unhappy. Hence, set your internal wirings in mind to live a satisfied personal and public life. Your health will then on never have any negative effects. Our main objective of living a long life and healthy won’t be a dream any-more.

Life’s simple lessons are

found in small details that we

often ignore.

We, when start focusing on minute details that nature around is telling or people around then realize that even an ant and a kid can teach you life’s biggest lessons. You can fool your seniors but the juniors see right through you. Isn’t it surprisingly too much in so little?