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Life of a Boot - Licker

A boot- licker is a person who wishes to gain everything in life on the mercy of others. The licker is the one who prefers live on the alms given by others. The lickers do the hard work but they believe that they can’t uplift themselves on their own will. They are very sure that they don’t have the capability nor the talent to compete and progress. Some may have but feel that by serving as servant and being a “YES Boss” man, they will uplift themselves twice than they alone do it for themselves. Their philosophy is very much true too because there is really a possibility that the master who likes to have a faithful praiser and servant, if gets satisfied and happy then would offer him money or good job to him or his son for their better living in the future. Now let’s do into details by considering a situation where we will try to understand how the life of such lickers turns out to be. The master ignoring the merits and preferring to partiality then the deserving will be hurt. This will lead to lots of corruption too. That is how the entire small or big system is somehow surviving. This is a reality. THE SCENARIO : A licker dedicated himself to lick his Godfather to become the manager in a company. After few years, he gets the appointment letter when his Godfather feels happy from him and decides to reward him. This news everyone around who were aware that it will sooner or later happen, will receive and spread the word. Almost all of them will be cursing the licker and try to hide their hurt by scolding him among themselves out of jealousy that he achieved what they inspite of deserving couldn’t achieve. The licker, nicknamed as “chamcha” holds a record of failures, so others discuss it and shame him. He being a thick skinned don’t care because he is clear in his head that what he has chosen to walk the path on, that will provide him the success. The rest out of jealously are misbehaving with him. The undeserving will be very happy about his progress. He would be happy to know that due to the increase in the position he would now able to be bossy to his fellow men. This day was his dream that he had been dreaming of since very long in which he had planned for himself what and how he would prepare himself and behave. Mostly it would be imitation of his master. He would purchase same kind what his master owns - good formal dress, accessories, flat, car etc. As his happiness has increased so is the tussle between him and his colleagues. They would show their unhappiness their expressions and manners. Since the first joining day, not a single moment they would spare. The licker will be reminded of his bad habits, olden days via gossips and giggles. The licker can shout at them and upload with more work but yet they continue as though it is one-on-one tug of war. There is a difference between earned position and respect, and one which is given. The earned person knows his job very well while the undeserving since has no knowledge will take everything for granted and under-performs his job. The licker thus will fail to perform his task paving way for receiving more taunts from his colleagues. None would have respect towards him, so they all would prefer to join to laugh at him than helping him to learn. The egoistic behaviour of the licker would make all hate him even more besides jealousy. At beginning he may have the confidence that he is manager and rest are his workers. He shouts like his master used to, if there was delay in work to look like a boss. But when the situation degrades day-by-day due to his ill performance, then the staff being work smart simply will scold him by saying, "Do you know the work? Tell me which area it is incomplete and why? Teach me how it should be done?" His mouth gets shut. He can't shout at his staff anymore. Otherwise, the staff will reach to senior manager and senior manager will scold double than them which later on everyone in the office will enjoy for weeks by laughing. Hence, the wrong paths in the long term have its own consequences. Its better to not opt it since the fruits of success aren’t sweet but sour.
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