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Many Lives, Many Masters

Written by: Dr Brian Weiss

Dr Brian Weiss deeply believed in science and not on miracles, something which is beyond science. But after dealing with his patient, Catherine, he got shocked with the experiences she shared with him. He did deep research and wrote based on that one of the fantastic books- Many Lives, Many Masters Dr Brain Weiss explains about rebirth theory which is been talked very often by the Hindu religion. He says that there is a timeless lessons from the higher dimensions. We are never alone. The best it is to accept the fact that we are souls, which never dies. Our human bodies are temporarily existing living being on this earth. We existed before birth and after death. The same soul lives again as a new nationalist, race, religions, sex, etc. Hence we are born as many nationalists, as poor and bad, et al experiencing every shade of life. As we live, we gather life experiences. This past and present life experiences helps to shape our future. We are here to train ourselves to be spiritual because spirituality is about being true to your soul. We can awaken ourself with the help of our loved ones around. Our whole objectify to learn to forgive and follow to the path of love. For this awakening, the soul-mates reach you to remind you that they are always with you. We need to continue learning taking their support. Dr. Weiss explains that if we understand the universal signals then the past-life therapy can help to change our lives for better. After all our whole problems exists only in the outer layers of negative thoughts and emotions which we fail to look at it. Hence, we never work on it and end up having a miserable life. Thus, the awareness that we have lived many lives and should strive to be spiritual beings since we are separated by spiritual interludes on the other side, helps to overcome the fear of losing your beloved, being lonely, of death, with life’s hardships and accept life as it is been gifted to us to face the miracle that is stored for us to experience.
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