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Marriage and family planning      Marriage is a stepping stone to start a family. The couple strive to have amicable relationships with lots of love among them so that they could raise their family effortlessly. The couples when grow old ensure that their children follow their life experienced advices to successfully perceive their own family and continue this chain so that even in future the “happy family” dreams stays intact. But what if one of the couple decides to turn into toxic. In the dream of having the best and perfect family, they ignore their partner/ spouse thinking only they know how and what should be done. The imbalance in life begins whose wrath will be faced not only by the partner but also by the kids, kid’s spouse, and all others who would be in relation to that toxic person in the house either closely or distantly.  A partnership relationship thrives if both the members respect and appreciate each other. One of them if is very smart, then also should shadow their traits with sweet talks, in order to gain the pure love from the partner by letting them know that even if they are good at something, they still wish to have their partner’s advice, support, and agreement in doing. They love to hear their opinion. This is called as sharing. It doesn’t matter who earns how much, who is contributing more and who is better than the better than the other. But it is about in your relationship of togetherness how you are succeeding to put love as priority by ignoring every greed, ego, selfishness and toxic behaviour that breaks their bond and family consequently.  This is not easy as said and assumed it to be. Many prefers to highlight themselves to get the credit which may serve their ego very well but bridges gap in their relationship eventually. Slowly, the relation turns out to be toxic.  When the couple’s relationship turns toxic, you can notice that one of them will fight to put down the other. They wish to dominate and administrate everything as they wish. If the toxic partner is a woman then she will make everyone in the house as her slaves and declare herself as the ruler. Every man which includes her husband, son/ sons, brother-in-law, son-in-law will look like impotent members in the house.  Parent’s job is to be teach how to carry on themselves in the challenging various life situations through their experienced knowledge so that when their kids reach their adult stage, they are independent enough to handle themselves without seeking other’s help or their parent’s help. This is what won’t happen in the family whose one of the parents become the toxic person. The toxic parent will always wish their kids should seek their permission and advice life long. It could include very small things too like having cold-fever too. The whole objective is to rule the house and the lives of everyone in the house.  For instance, if the son met an accident. Then the mother parent will show worry but mostly her talks will be about herself. Normally, a mother fears to send her son outside but in toxic mother case, she would send him to buy something or other for her, for his ride an immediate scooty would be demanded which she may convey the demand as she is doing it for him but she needs it for herself, would make him do shopping for her. Like this, she would fool him to use him to fulfill her needs. If he opposes, then she would guilt-trip him by reminding him how much she did for him. The son would feel irritating. Similarly, the husband will be frustrated. If everyone are living together to help out each other and in a family you need not count your deeds. You do it out of affection and respect. We don’t keep tab of every deed and force other to be reminded. Later if the son is married then the daughter-in-law will be tortured. Now if the son keeps quiet his new beginning will be spoiled. So, he would raise voice to bring an understanding that this nature of his mother can’t continue any further. If she won’t adhere to it then the bond would be broken.  So this is how toxic interferes to catch hold of every person related to them thus leading to breakage of every relation they ever had in life because lies and toxicity has small life span.
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