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Long Learner

Blocking the good thoughtful art is like stopping your growth in this huge pool of knowledge by a passionate learner! Learning should be like breathing. That which makes our heart breathe and mind to enjoy if avoided, then its like doing suicide. Exploring and learning will keep you stay excited in life. If you become a good enthusiastic learner then even in the negativity, you will be patient and focus to learn rather than feeling sorry for yourself. This way you will help yourself by teaching some valuable lessons from the negative life experiences. Illiterates are not the ones who is uneducated but the ones who stop their growth by some superstitions and put conditions from whom they wish to learn to. In one of the Bhagwat stories, it describes about a great sage being with a whore and learn life lessons from each-other, or a parrot learns from the sage by listening him from a distance. Thus, never judge the means, you are getting the knowledge from. You need to shed away your pride and ego to ask to get blessed from the knowledge you are seeking for. One is only wise if he has attained the ability to view everyone’s point of view to decide what is right. The great Kings earlier went into the jungle and mingled with different nomad tribes, also the animals and learnt from them all the tricks and found their answers. Their learning included- a new way of expression, a new technique, the right way to do something, emotions and preferential way of living. The problem with the villagers is that they never learn to adopt and adjust because of their rigid mindset. That stubbornness has only stopped them from moving ahead in life and being ultimately the laugh of the other awakened people. They neither grow nor let others grow! First, go fast, explore various directions, different mindsets, absorb. Then, observe your affinities, slow down, narrow down your focus, cut off. Finally, follow your intuition, iterate on your strengths, stay consistent and patient. It takes many years of slow growth before you get many years of fast growth. Long-term thinking is simple once you are the master of your short-term desires. Without much ado, step outside and explore surroundings thoroughly!
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