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Pen - Friend is a new norm?
















someone who is almost imaginary. Mostly the relationship is kept as secret.

Pen - friend can be a friend/acquaintance/soul-mate/sister/teacher anyone of these or all of it. You get very strong vibes from them like you got no other from. A kind of your “perfect” whom you were wishing to have since long. You yearn to get more close to them once found because you get a good vibe like you known them since ages, a vibe that makes you feel that she or he is the dearest person ever met in life. Some might have no idea how their pen-friend looks like, or ever called, nor know where they lives and what they do- nothing. But you just crave for their presence. You can’t resist the attractive vibe. You might learn while having conversation with them that your pen-friend is elder to you, well educated, classy, and well behaved. At situation like this where either you are attracted or other is attracted to you and wishing to have close bonding then recall yourself that you choose someone in your life not because you need them but you want them to be with you to amplify and value your peace, thoughts, joy and love. When it comes forgiving, forgive them only if they deserve to share life with you. If you decide not to continue further close relationship, then forgive them but never allow them back because you don’t wish to have repeat performance leading to same stress. You learn only by exploring yourself. You must try to gather as much personal experiences as possible. Personal experiences help you to be prepared to tackle any situation in life and create your own beautiful life by wisely choosing your tribe. Books and life coaches can help to stuff your brain with information but since you lack the experience you will fail to bring it in your practice. But you must go for the exploration following all precautions. You must be aware of your surrounding people before you open yourself. This small precautions will save you from grave dangers. This is because some people are messed up so they harm others. We all start to learn good things after been born. Everyone teach us to follow the rules of behaving and doing good. As we grow then left to handle ourself with the life instructions taught to us, to live in the world where there are many other born roaming around. You come to the age of the chooser. After figuring out, you choose your perfect partner to settle down and begin new life to have confidence in your future plans. That’s why we find all attractors around us. Hence, there is a possibility that we get caught in hands of pretenders but again heal to search another better whom you deserve. It is necessary too as it keeps us stable. Important thing to learn is the lesson from those bad experiences. Bad experiences help to rectify your decisions about the realizations that you had about your life choices earlier. Some of the important lessons to focus on would be never to trust the hurried and sudden interest shown in you. Its never because you deserve but because they need you. Then comes the most profound proverb that you ought to remember is that the fools are full of confidence while the intelligence are full of doubts. First time being fooled then its a shame on them but the second being fooled means its a shame on you. You might have seen few lovers whose relationship is so fake. They show to everyone as being in deeply in love, made for each-other and are flawlessly perfect. In actual, they are struggling to have amicable relationship. They may appear flawless because one of them is maintaining silence and bearing everything to make the relationship work out smoothly with the hope that one day everything will be fine. They might married in a hurry without finding out the real intention for the proposal. Whereas on the other hand, good people have so much hesitancy in them. Everything would be fine but only because of one or two minor reasons they develop inferior feelings since they believe the other deserve the best and they would hurt them or trouble them. So go ahead and do your trials to land up with perfect suitable companion. Life is all about overcoming fears- childhood fears, new born fears, unknown adventure situation fear, et al. Everyone has that. Just take the bold step to reach the free yourself and enter into world of freedom filled happiness where totally sure of everything.
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