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happen according to plan.

Have a great look at the picture where a man is carrying his lady in his arm while climbing up the stairs of the temple. We need to do picture analysis to understand the deep meaning in this. Like God exists in every atom so is your answer. We must train ourselves to look what is not shown , to look beyond the illusion of chaos and to close our eyes and tune into our heart to get into the rhythm of love that Universe is offering to us. Couples should never settle down as settling down pauses your growth. When your growth is stopped then you feel demotivated to act in playful activities that keeps a relationship active and lively. Changes are unstoppable process. So, we need to look within and change accordingly. We need to stop being nostalgic of old self. But remember to adopt changes to feel good and advance your relationship to bring in happiness for both of you and not just one. Women has to remember that they don’t have attitude but have standards. There’s difference. Once you learn your own value, you stop giving people discounts. Men/women shouldn’t force their partner to change for them because it isn’t love from that second on. Love is acceptance but never tolerance. As the picture illustrates that to keep the relationship long lasting one needs patience, should have the strength to handle the pain and discomfort because all this is going to be worth it. There will definitely be a time when your partner is helpless or need your support and trust as in that difficult time where whatever one does nothing works out, s/he needs a shoulder to cry on and a hand who will hold the hand to comfort and fight the life battle without giving up. Mental happiness is as important as physical happiness. Couples should try their best to share same definition of love. Love the way you are. Stop blaming, complaining instead work on self. Never settle. Mostly after hearing a yes from the partner, for every desire asked settle down feeling comfortable that they need not work on impressing, grabbing attention. Their partner since has accepted them so they should forget about all the excitement, eagerness to talk, attempt to share the work in the name of love. They start having lack of common goals, common interests, near- zero sex life, et al which they used to do to earn the love for each other. What brought you together, it is better advised to recreate it again and again, in fact try experimenting your moments of togetherness.
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