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as a Book for Growth

Solitude is meditation. Meditation need not be one sitting with closed eyes in a place for few hours. It could be an activity like painting, gardening, physical exercises or sports & games, family gatherings, fishing or sleeping whole and resting. It is the process of calming your body and providing pleasure to your senses that fills them up with happiness. It is the process of spending time away from the toxicity to rejuvenate yourself with positivity. So, some of us can prefer to be all alone to escape for a while from the people and surroundings only to heal ourself. Hence, solitude is not loneliness. Solitude means taking out time to watch the beauty in the other side which is/was also part of you. Solitude means cherishing and expressing gratitude by recollecting everything you have achieved and been thankful for. Solitude also means putting yourself out from the drama of life where you are been harassed and facing lots of difficulties to take a break and breathe out for relief to feel yourself that you are alive. All that loneliness you felt while you were busy facing the bad situations, with the help of solitude will make you calm your anger and do the self talk by re-analysing your situation. By analysing your situation you will figure how you got fallen in a mess and what you can do settle this mess. To settle a messed up situation you need to understand who is right and wrong. Chances are that you could be wrong. You may be over-reacting and being temperament. Otherwise, its not you rather its others. While dealing with others figure out who is the real culprit behind everything that’s happening. If you understand that then you can deal with the rest by calming them down and clarifying their whole misunderstandings. Henceforth, solitude is utmost important practice that one should adopt to practice it very often for their well being. Since everyone are having stressful life, solitude practice is mandatory. Solitude helps them to boost themselves to handle themselves so that they become strong enough to handle their family, friends and work life too. Solitude has the ability to provide you the stage where you can stand and witness all the drama for your better understanding. This understanding will help to decide what to let go and hold on and move forward with. This sorting simplifies your life journey and affirms you to march with clear goals in head as the clearer you are about your needs, the more clear you will be about your actions. So, rise up and start picking your long left hobbies that you were once passionate about to practice solitude. You can do gardening, paint, brainstorm to create a creative logo, do photo shop, watch movies, cook, read, spend quality time think about someone whom you miss to heal past wounds (dead or far away or relation is broken) etc. This will double your joy in life. You will be in your best moods. Also become more creative and calm too. You may have your connection back from the friend whom you have lost contact earlier. Like this a time to take a notice /whereabouts on other's life helps you too. Another most important thing is, you won't have attachments with others. We won't have that hurt feeling, as your solo time will hint you to look at the reality and remove the rose tinted glass and finally resume back to the life drama.
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