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When Met a Narcissist

There is badly a need for the step of instructions that would people tackle with the

narcissist since with the increase in the dual-faced people there is huge increase of

narcissism. Many have suffered and day-by-day the victims are increasing. The

problem is that many are denial position that such people exist whom you will fail

tackle and forced to suffer in an unimaginable way. Hence, I have put an effort to

present you the best methods that ought to be followed. They are listed below.

Step 1:

Verify if they are a narcissist














"convincing" traps

Step 3:

Do exactly what they did to you

Elaborating Step 3:

Studying the human behaviour recently I realized that psychopaths "hurt" others for

what they think is hurtful according to them. That means they feel "hurt" if someone

would do that to them.

I thought in depth, so conclude that this behaviour generally applies to all of us but in

the narcissists case it is the dangerous truth that is needed to be gulped down.

Different narcissist has different weakness so different attacking techniques but

overall the defensive mechanism adopted and the pattern of their behaviour will be

the same towards their victims. It is totally what they get afraid of. Terms &

conditions do apply for step 3. You should be careful since you are answerable for

your actions as the narcissists have gang ready to defend them.
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Now the actions: For instance, if the narcissists are trying to hurt you by talking about your personal shortcomings. Then revert them back by you talking about their shortcomings. If they try to scare you by adopting extreme step too. You revert back by showing that you aren't scared at all. Do sarcasm to itch them with your harsh truths about them. Or like normally what in police stations happens, for an FIR, people revert back with FIR. Aim totally to scare in the same way. T&C examples: Forget about spamming, abusing, slapping or stalking. Next is be aware of their "paid" actors who would always come as their supporters. Show them their place that they feel insulted in interfering in your matters. Use divide and rule principle to corner the narcissists. Be very harsh to give the clear sign that their supporters have no proof of what they are complaining about. Rest supporters the narcissist will bring, handle with patient since you need their voices to shut the harassment of the narcissist. They are innocents who are believing in the wrong side of the story. A narcissist is a very cautions person who is nothing but a parasite that needs a host for its living- meaning requires validation & preferential praises for survival. So when they see many becoming aware of the truth then step their foot back a bit. They would run for their sugar daddy to handle the situation for them. Hence they won’t spare you but at least you get time to run away and have peace.