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Stop chasing people and start building yourself by

value offered in small magic called stories.

Building strong values and discipline is the key to have the successful life. Values and discipline are difficult to follow but one must follow it religiously. When you follow it religiously, then even in the difficult situation, you whether be conscious or unconscious, you shall always do the right thing. Your every small good deed is like a seed planted on the ground. You should with love and patience grow the seed planted so that it grows into a healthy tree. Yes, a tree which becomes strong enough to carry lots of branches over it and carries fruits of its hard work done internally. Similar to the tree you should be useful not only to you but also to your surrounding people because as an adult you are part of the society and being a part you ought to contribute your share based on your capability to safeguard your community and advanced developments.

Keep going to make

your life story worthy enough to publish in a book.

You should leave your comfort zone and challenge yourself with risks to make your life worthy enough to share with others or written in books. Do not fear of failures or success. Your risks should aim for satisfaction. A satisfaction of trying dedicatedly, surprise hurdles that challenged you to accept defeat and go but didn’t let that happen and many such motivational stories. Stories build you to face the challenges like a brave. They along with motivation provide a relaxation to mind which helps you to control your anxiety and stress. We, thus have made an attempt to dig out stories that is enjoyable with grab of lots of good morals via characters played in the story.

Stories are magic wands of life

Whether you are well adversed with stories or not, you should definitely have one story in life which could be yours, your family member’s, fictional or non-fictional read in book or someone whom you admire and consider them as an ideal. We unconsciously have one which urges us to keep striving for success ladders to earn all the luxury of life.
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