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We all have the social media accounts and in that we are asked to fill up forms like the profile picture, name, location, gender, DOB and the bio. According to me, the bio are the eyes of our social account profile. I view this whole thing as some ghosts moving here and there freely, reaching out anyone in a one click away with an ease. And these ghosts have eyes called bio. One’s eyes see the the other’s and if they liked the features of the given description. The activities done are like the one’s viewing the dressing sense and grooming done to maintain themselves in a manner. Virtual life are the reflections of your real life thoughts Online friends then we make are like the shadows, which exists till the sunlight exists that is till the net is available, else gone! This whole looks likes some quick version of soul connections since we are not roaming around too much. Just stuck with office and home all the time thus leading to reduction in the new interactions and meetings with the people. But this whole relationship is brainy. Its all in the mind. One brain talking to another and trying to attract each other by conveying each other’s thoughts and likes. Social media platforms have encouraged all to write and this made people go crazy that they have to write everything impressive that comes in their mind. This lead to the habit of writing every small feeling publicly without any hesitation, sharing pics and updating what one is doing in their life. Thus, we started giving feelings to our profile page, making it more real and human. Thus, each one of us ended up having some strong connections with some other and this led to the revolution of platonic love relationships. The things we love tell us, what we are! Many developed the habit of caring each other here. The attention and fan following is another reason though to be addicted to social media for some people. Also, here everybody is allowed to be themselves. We don’t have those society restrictions much because one doesn’t sees the other. So happily one peeks into other’s profile and check out their daily activities. Many developed the habit of chatting and interacting with here. One misses a lot when the other get absent for 2 days because it could be just normal 2 days in general thinking but since in social media we spend every other couple of hours , it feels like many hours the other person is absent. So when someone even decides to quit or be absent for very long, people start pleasing to not go. Support him or her to overcome that feeling. If still didn’t convince then exchange phone numbers to keep in touch. The kind of relationship I observed is that when two people are similar then they act different to each other and have joy. While if they are different then they try to be similar. Anything for love bonding we shape ourselves! This brain relations has its own many disadvantages as one can not never meet each other. We only a part of the others. Many hesitate to ask many of the personal questions. Too much personal questions one don’t ask because there is no need of knowing of that much of each other because we will never meet each other and it might hurt the feelings of other person. Also, due to the huge population over the social media, the privacy concerns have become the important priority for each one. So being a very understanding friend we don’t interfere. Many of us don’t know how the other person looks like.
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