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The Breadwinner























The story begins with a scene of a busy market where only men sell and roam around. A poor man with his daughter sits on the roadside to sell his goods. A father fights against the policemen to behave with his daughter. This costed him. The country which he lived in, didn't allow girls to do anything, to which he showed an objection when he took her out to sell products along with him in the market. Father was arrested by the arrogant dictator’s police officer. Now the younger daughter had a poor hungry family to look after. She went next day fearing and with lots of hesitancy to buy some food in the same market but none gave her anything, as they were afraid of those dictator’s policemen. T They feared to get beaten up and arrested. One of them advices the girl to send any male person from the family and take as much you wish to buy. She goes back home in vain. The young girl’s mother, elder sister and baby brother who were hungry were eagerly waiting for her to bring something. But seeing her empty they felt helpless at their situation. The young girl then decided to cut off her hair so that she looks like a boy. This was the only choice left since they don’t have their dad to feed them. The brave young girl dressed up herself as a boy and went back to the same market. She decided to look for a job too as they were poor. Meanwhile, her elder sister was getting proposal for marriage from distant relative which neither the mother and she liked. But the man eyeing on her takes the advantage of the situation and forces her to marry with him. In that country a woman can’t have her wish. So, the mother couldn’t do much and had to see her elder daughter been taken away by the man who wished to marry her. However, the mother doesn’t give up. Even though she didn’t know where the man had taken away her daughter. The poor young lady who was working outside, was also searching for means to get her father out. She first tried to explore the place with the help of her new friend who was a boy of her age. He didn’t know that she is not a boy. He explained her about the people, the system and the took her to places to make her see what he had explored there. But her tension increased when she found out that her elder sister is taken and she is in trouble. So, she along with her mother went for searching. Finally, their efforts paved way. The elder sister had good fate that she got rescued from her family. Later, the young girl went alone to now search for her father. Through her efforts she had gathered lots of information. Based on the directions given when asked to concerned people she followed the lead. She keeps searching for her father. Finds out which jail he is been put in. At door she knocked they kicked her out but she doesn't give up. And finally she gets her father back. A happy story you can say. I thought that this Muslim country won't allow her to bring her father but reunion of them made me immensely happy. It was all due to her constant efforts and dare, this was made possible.
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