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The Eternal Love

















for true love.

Love has no reason, so how can one claim it was born or died? Its a mutually or one sided accepted & admired feeling that remains special forever. If things fell perfectly to sync both of us, then there definitely have chances of not syncing & even at those times you still care, concern and have the hope, which proves the breathe it is still taking. It is just sick. Sickness happens due to some unsuitable conditions. So like how a baby is taken care by knowing what suits them, one should figure & save its life. Else, give up your sick child & have another one like the Shaheen Bagh lady! Its all about choices. Its about your ability & fragility to take that important stand of the current problematic situation. After figuring out, draw the borders so that each life breathes by never falling sick again. Universe or your Lord is one such matured one who left you to teach you & caught hold of you when it was time. That’s how he managed to ensure his love stays forever in our hearts with deep trust. Real love is forever if there is truth & real efforts. When you realize its important for your heart to feel home-have that memory, that safe warmth of happiness, that reason to beat whenever you desire from which every corner of the world you are living, then you really don’t need to put that much of efforts to be all yours! Just find a way in those reckless tides which doesn’t let you see or sense anything clearly, just a small plant which grows up all healthy fooling the house owners who thought they own its place by placing concrete cement&bricks over it or some strong rocks smiling thinking they are the toughest. All one need to do at bad times is accept that there was some mistake done, either or both of us created that. Then,decide what you want. If love, then don’t fight or say anything. Just clarify or can tolerate the silence then just hold each other & keep moving and ensure that this situation of doubt never arises. If they have really trusted you all this while, then will keep moving hoping this won’t happen or, definitely leaves forever. That’s how the love races to live forever!
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