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The “Fufa - Saas” Syndrome





























other unnecessarily.

This slang is mostly used by netizens. They use it to complain about certain people who take too much interest in what is happening in other’s life and poke with uncomfortable questions. Hence, netizens use it as shout out to shame those people who with whomever they meet, ask them stupid questions only to shame them and later lecture like a street dog barking out of madness. They appear to be the highly respectable persons but their way of behaving towards the youngsters is irritating. They being elders as per the age, everyone tries to respect their opinions and consider that they react seriously because they are experienced persons who have excelled in their life and thus hold the authority to educate you about values and time. The way you express matters the most. Being elder doesn’t mean judging youngsters harshly. Many use the excuse of teaching manners and work to scold, abuse, mentally harass others. The fufa-saas roam around in the society as the placard holders who are very serious about saving the culture and discipling the youngsters, they are always in protest mode where they hunt the unworthy and keep talking him/her to spread the word for not being enough as per their standards. Being questioned is not the problem. The problem lies is how they look down at you and try to seek too personal information to gossip around so as to spread misinformation about you. Where ever they find you, ask the same questions again and again, and lecture you for hours. Some of them when come to know that the a youngster has step up for a new beginning then they come to discourage by reminding the possibilities of not succeeding and the past failures. Unimaginable mental peace awaits us in the moment we make peace with the fact that people do what they wanted to do. We neither own them nor we can control them irrespective of our relationship with them. Hence, time has come to teach youngsters that in the name of respect towards elders they need not bear their nuisances. They need to learn to figure out who is talking to teach them and who is trying to insult them and their family indirectly. Some of the examples could be: Your height is so short! - [Haven’t they seen such? Don’t they have anyone short in their family?] What’s the use of so much of education? / What’s in the degree, even a cart puller gets one these days! - [You are not responsible for their under- education or illiteracy.] You don’t look like couples! - [To marry, kundali matching is done not the DNA that one would posses same skin colour or matching face cuts] You are home-maker, how shameful! - [She is taking care of her house. She nor her husband beg to get alms from you] Don’t have good looks and personality! - [Life is full of surprises. If met an accident, your good personality will breathe its last day or get disfigured.] People will provoke you to tempt you to open up and show your beast side and then they bring everyone to witness and conclude that you are a psychopath. Later, if you start giving your side of explanation and exposing then will named as a manipulator, harasser, hatred spreader and one who has bad intentions towards others. These fufa-saas believe if can not win the debate then troll and shame for how they look and what they don't have. They will target everyone. The aim is to maintain the laughing face shamelessly without listening to anyone. If the youngsters retaliate by exposing about them they will run away but won’t spare. These chicken hearts cry in front of others by playing the victim card. They will use this one incident to describe how they haven been victim and cook few lies. They will try to put all the blame on you even if not done by you or it is what they did. And then for months the small issue will be made big and two gangs will be formed to fight against each other. The manipulates fufa-saas won’t care and keep encouraging the outrage.
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