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BY- SHANTANU GUPTA This book is an autobiography of Yogi Adityanath. He is the most interesting person currently in our country. The sensation that goes around about him round the clock had stunned every fascist of our country who are mostly anti- national. Every challenge put on him was brought to definite solution under his leadership in Uttar Pradesh as CM. Interestingly, Yogi Adityanath is a monk. He has no political background. So, what made him step into politics and shine out among other politicians within less period of life must be a mesmerizing experience to read. He had single handedly transformed Uttar Pradesh inspite of innumerable challenges thrown and created against him by the opposition to religion bigots. This book presents well researched and referenced factual data. Yogi’s reason to join politics to his work and controversies that had been created around him, including his speeches and interviews that he has given. The false FIRs to frame him in a conspiracy of opposition is also discussed that how he was framed to how he proved himself. Yogi Adityanath is a boon for UP. People wish him to have for a decade at least as a CM. Many Indians wish to see his as future prime minister after Narendra Modi. This is because he had excelled to provide services in every sector like health, industry, agriculture, power supply, portable water, safety for women and children, for the sadhus, renovating every old structures and temples, improving the infrastructure of the state and finally most important and herculean task that he performed was handling the crime in the state. Hence it is a very good read.
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