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Acid Attacked Girls
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In a situation like this where the attack is unexpected and you didn't know that this violent too a human can become where there is no reason to be angry or take revenge, where you might expect some warnings would be enough to make him realize, then at such challenging times you managed to perform the job of proving yourself is commendable. If been alert and had hint that they would get attacked, then could have saved themselves too. They would have preserved all the proofs, recorded everything against the attacker to display it to everyone. But they had an incident as evidence where they were asked to prove it too. Many incidents are popping up which is proof for the people to believe that it is happening. New victims listening to them seriously and taking their advice is proof that there is a part of society that is helpless and suffering only because the attackers is left loose! Its scary to know that the attackers bring along their friends to rape these girls since they got abandoned from their house, hostels or they ran away thinking their parents could get hurt if find out. Scarier to know the mentality of these monsters that they rape even the dead bodies for days! Most of the girls fear of being killed in the name of honour killing by their family have taken refuge in the NGOs who spread awareness and help such homeless victims. Girls who are been attacked, it might not be an easy task to dare up and talk about the attacker since she would be attacked again. If the attacker has Godfather, then would have been given many threats to the victim and attempt to end with leftwards arrow above her. If these girls are spreading awareness without any expectation soon this will end or not, the attacker’s gang will be punished severely, the news go viral for so long that every Godfather next time fear to step in such matters, then its commendable. I am thankful that they shared their stories through interviews to spread the message nationwide. I am happy they survived for me and many other girls. In politics, we can see a person to save his car changing the party. A MiL/boss/senior ragging since they experienced in past. This is beyond words. Well, done girls! You didn't switch sides to let the attacker do what he is demanding to do. You didn't sell yourself in fear to his Godfathers. You didn't get into prostitution and didn't let hate to destroy other's lives. You respected yourself as a human being. You forgave who failed to understand you when you needed the most. You took on jobs to stand up yourself boldly. You have shut the mouths who tried to stop you coming out, share your story and do normal jobs. Whatever little or more you earn, you didn't let others to dictate how and what you should be preferring and deserve. Your community is growing is a shame mark on those dictators and law rulers who very easily lecture your morals but never the other. Shame on them who if hate to see such tragic faces around then don't stand up to stop it. They could see your tribe increasing every month but got nothing in their mind and hand to do something for girls.