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Acid Attacked Girls
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A big shout out for acid attacked girls. Whether the acid-thrower gang got arrested or not, they didn't run after to do the same as revenge. These girls accepted their distorted faces and went out to work. People when encountered them, they either felt pity of them, scared or else preferred to blabber their prejudiced thoughts about such victims. They mostly complain about the girl and order them that they: shouldn't roam outside shouldn't wear particular clothes should have accepted proposal shouldn't complain, etc. I am happy to know that girls didn’t gang up to throw acid, rather ganged to heal each other as they understood their pain better among themselves. What police, courts did for them I have no idea but NGOs did support them. Nobody fears from these girls. The fear would only be that in their area there are attackers who can do it again. Due to police & courts not performing their duties in time, the attackers did the same to many others out of habit. Good to know that the girls supported the other acid attacked girls who needed the support to handle the trauma. If courts aren't interested to handle this then these girls with the help of NGO have spread awareness. If the attackers with the growing awareness feeling insecure and now fears to do it, I don't think it’s the girl’s fault. If people have started recognizing the culprit as an acid attacker, then it’s not their fault. Either these attackers may come up with more secure technique to attack girls or in shame stop it. But if continued using various techniques and girls tried best exposing their master plans to alert and save other girls, then it is an effort to stop attacks. Never to challenge them to come up with new plans. The courts are still eating samosas served on their belly table instead of punishing severely the attackers in such a way that they are forced to give up!