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The Hungry Dog in the Cat’s den

Once there lived a hungry and lonely dog. It kept an eye on the cat which used to wander in the area where the dog used to roam. Little the dog found out was that the cat has got a big family. A group of cats live together in an area. The dog immediately planned out to get into the cat’s den to have them all. So, the other day when he spotted the cat littering around for food, the dog pleasingly greeted hello, to which the cat got shocked. The cat said to itself that how come a dog is being very sweet and humble towards it instead of attacking it to have it? The dog continued its talk by consoling the cat that it is not here to eat it so not to get scared. In-fact it is a vegetarian dog. It was an adopted dog but its owner is no more and since then it is orphan. Its owner fed only vegetarian food. It has got a bone toy though to play with. It has seen the cat many a times wandering around, so felt to friendship. The cat couldn’t grasp all that it was hearing. The moment it heard about friendship, it got shocked even more. Later, after looking at the kind gestures of the dog, the cat decided to say ‘Yes’ for the friendship offered by the dog. After this incident, the cat went to its den where other cats lived and shared about the newly encountered dog. It shared the whole conversation it had and suggested them that it would be nice to have him with them. The dog is a vegetarian so they need not be worry about being eaten. They would have a bodyguard in the name of friend. All the other cats get convinced and they agree to let the orphaned dog to live with them as a family member. This cat next day meets the dog and invites it to its den and introduces every cat to it. Every cat with great surprise stares at him and introduces themselves to it. Many hesitate but looking others they stepped forward to have a take with a ‘dog’. The cunning dog smiled sheepishly as its happiness had no bounds. It has finally succeeded to get inside where it was wishing for. Now it was time for the dog to act upon executing its next plan. Since the dog came to live with the cats, all the cats in excitement spent most of their time talking to it to know about it. It was as though a celebrity has stepped in their house. The cats were showcasing their talents, trying to be very funny and also tried to play with the dog. The dog behaved as a very jovial and kind who enjoyed mingling with them. But the dog couldn’t hide its intentions. It used to touch, sniff them, lick them in a playful manner because it was tempted to eat them all. The cats do got scared but ignored it thinking the dog is being weirdly funny, no other intention. The dog to give its acts as an excuse said that it is trying to explain how dogs think of cats. The innocents got more curious since they really wanted to know what exactly do the dogs think about cats and what is it that attracts them towards the cat so much? So, the cats let the dogs touch and playfully bite them. Within few days, the cats noticed some of them were disappearing. They instead of investigating about it, came to the conclusion that the missing cats might have encountered an accident on the roads, which usually happens. But the truth was that it was the dog who was eating them away silently without letting anyone know about it. The cats trusted the dog too much that none dared to doubt about it also. Some of them however tried enquiring since they were worrying about what’s happening. They politely asked the dog why it is happening, it was supposed to guard them and take care of them so how could he not aware of the reason behind this? The dog politely refused their questioned by acting innocent and they got convinced. Finally the un-alertness of the cats made them to become a feast for the dog.
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MORAL: Never trust anyone easily. Always trust your inner voice which signals with the instincts to save yourself from the danger. Never underestimate yourself. Stay on guard. Those that you think of as diamonds often turn out to be mere pebbles. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. You never understood your small treats then you can never get rid off your controllers. The small treats are always to hold you so that they can do what they ultimately wish to have from you.