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Weird things narcissists do

The word weird is defined as something which is unusual and strange. Before we learn about the weird things narcissists do, we need to think why we find them weird. If they are weird then how we are unable to clearly distinguish in a group of people they exist with. The next followed question you should think about is that why the victims realise so lately. The appropriate answer to all these doubtful questions is that the person who is a narcissist has the ability to charm others and be super good with everyone. Technically, if you can understand it by this picture which is posted below. So, we are in Kalyug and thus we fail to decide if the person whom we are with is a good person or a narcissist. So, here we go! Do you know where we fail? We get failed when our trust easily falls for someone's good gesture and second thing when some rich person is being sweet(similar to first though you can put it). Too good gestures that you feel to revert back with double sweetness. The red flag easily gets ignored here. In your good mood you will be eager to know more about them. The narcissists are good at creating that situation. They are eagerly waiting to have your attention. Notice that how the conservations since then will be all about them. Your every belief is made to self doubt. They are good at words that they can manipulate you, confuse you but you will not know of it at all. Narcs are dependent species. They won't take a glass of water themselves if thirsty. That's how you can notice that you do every work of their's! Since narcissists feel above law, they will cross any limit to achieve something and use you do it forgetting every law of this law and humanity. Now, let's advance our understanding by getting into the main topic that is what weird things narcissists do since we have understood how important it is for us to be aware of such people to have a peaceful life and safeguard our family/friends from such traps of narcissists. THE LIST OF WEIRD THINGS NARCISSISTS DO ARE AS FOLLOWS. PLEASE READ EACH WEIRD THINGS NARCISSISTS DO WITHOUT SKIPPING. 1. The first thing to know what weird things narcissists do is putting down others. Narcissists have a grandiose sense of self-importance. When you witness people cutting in line, interrupting or talking over others in a conversation, or always trying to one-up other people’s experiences and accomplishments, you’re seeing this trait in action. 2. Second weird thing narcissists do is that they define themselves based on the expectations, likes and dislikes of others. 3. Third weird thing narcissists do is that to get rid of feelings of inferiority and shame they offload themselves onto others. Another way to escape is being a scapegoat. 4. Fourth weird thing narcissists do is that they lack empathy so they behave as the most merciless and heartless person you have ever encountered in your life. They lack empathy because they are too busy trying to get it from others. 5. Fifth weird thing narcissists do is that they exploit others to damage their self- esteem so that the person could never overcome the mental trauma given by the narcissist. 6. Sixth weird thing narcissists do is that they fantasize about perfection because being perfect means that you never have to worry about needing anything from anyone ever again. 7. Final weird thing narcissists do is that backstabbing anyone and everyone. They are meanest person living on the earth. Mostly they are frauds.
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