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‘Bad’ ?

“Bad luck” is lack of discipline, no initiative, and too much time making up excuses. “Good luck” is risk-taking, self-belief, grit, and consistency of long-term investments. One of the most important is about good and bad. Good and bad both co-exists. The bad exists because somewhere it has protection from good mostly. One can never finish each off completely. Good and bad both exists but each’s percentage may differ depending on the people’s adoption. Bad’s only job is to irritate everybody for pleasure. Bad’s conditioning is as such that it will find peace and happiness in negativity, which normal people would term it as. It is very normal for bad to think negative and make an issue without being apologetic for being toxic to good. The scary shows you watch is the best example to understand if you didn’t get it. In the scary shows a human body is possessed by an evil. The evil’s only objective is to get the entire control over the body, then hunt some more souls to have an army whom they can rule over. Victims can’t be blamed if possessed by the evil. This is because it is the job of evil (bad) to trick to seduce you. Now to get tricked and seduced or not is dependent on the mindfulness and will power of the individual. If fallen in this trap then had to struggle a lot to bring himself to his conscious state which is mostly possible if the victim loves someone or wish to be saved or wishes to live for live who are dependent on them. Meanwhile the evil in the body try its best to use the body, the victim’s goodness to trick and trap outsiders or people associated to him in order to grow his army. The bad succeeds easily in this because of its intuition ability who gets aware of other person’s emotions, personal desires, and attachment. Then act accordingly to the person the evil or bad wishes to trap. Like in the Bible it is said, the devil tempts you! The evil keeps playing its tricks to keep its victim trapped. It never lets them go. The victim may find themselves in a vicious cycle who whenever they feel they are out of danger, immediately find themselves in the spot where they began. Henceforth, you can conclude by saying that goodness is a struggle but the only way to break the cycle to save yourself from bad. If you fall for temptations that the bad offers whenever you decide to go then the bad keeps growing stronger and so is its control over you. For instance, a lie at the beginning looks small but how it changes you gradually to suddenly you realize much lately. The more you seek for excuses to get rid of the punishments the more you let the bad reside in your body and stay stronger than the real you because first a little lie then several little lies to prop it up, then looking for excuses that few more lies to overcome the shame of what you did. Consequently, start telling big lies and manipulate in mass because you don’t want to break the bubble of good image you succeeded to create in people’s eyes. But no matter how hard you try you would always find yourself living in constant fear filled with disbelief in yourself. Finally, be sick of it as you have overloaded yourself. If still don’t give up then develop hatred towards everyone who is questioning you and arrogance in yourself too. Arrogance will lead to inner superiority feeling that you are smart who can do whatever they want and escape by fooling with your good lies. The production of successful hypothetical lies makes however one to fall in even more danger. This mostly results in spoiling of all relationships. Life will turn into frustration due to constant betrayals and revenge feeling. Thus, create your own strong boundaries to save your life from all this either by yourself or by your close associates keeping your only goal as to break the cycle which no more entertains the bad negativity.
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