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relationships do.

Depression is a situation when your days change from normal to hopelessly worst. Otherwise everyone is smart enough to accept a few bad and a few good, and at times worst to best. But the consistency is what breaks you. If it is due to some reason which neither you or other person can fix it for you, that's where the you decide to give up living too. You are depressed because you have been good, striving to be better but someone is jealous/hates/have framed you mistakenly or willingly, or you lost someone who meant a lot to you, or hurt and upset due to one or other bad news you encountered, or been bullied etc. However, there exists certain some fancy people who like to use depression as an excuse for themselves to get promotions, gifts, get married or get a new boyfriend/girlfriend, increase social media followers, become influencer, an idea to get attention by claiming themselves as being very empathetic so would love to hear out the depressed people and help them as a social service, to trend in social groups or finally out of addiction they prefer to stay sad all the time. These people mostly have no guilt of what they do. They always had people who can solve for them. They may actually did very wrong to someone and now looking for escape. Real depressed don't overcome. Yet they strive to bring good days for themselves like others in their friend circle. Desperately they need it too for themselves since they are fed with gloomy days in their life. That's why they get easily consoled even with a small smiling gesture of a stranger or pets, or the good shower, food, rain, new place et al. Such when they are working to stand back on their feet, accepting the fact that even if days won't change, they shall seek for deviation, motivate to do what they are able to do in a painfully hopeless situation like this, there exists for few who keep hurting them to discourage by insulting, torturing, making fun, troubling, reminding of their pain, snatching away what/whom they are holding on to cope up, publicizing their situation in either disrespectful manner or full of lies so that no one come near to them and help them, or atleast be nice to them. Some would actually group themselves to talk more bad to spread rumours. Thus not letting the depressed to have a peace. They would send people to ask the depressed whether what people heard is right or not. Is there a proof. If the innocent fails to express his state and true reason, don't act like depressed though s/he is going through depression, then these people will back to the group to add some more intensity in their cheapness. The list is endless. Something that needs to be said! “But you are able to manage your depression; why are you crying ‘mental illness’ then?” “Be thankful you are not in a facility or on pills. It means you are able to manage well without any help, so what are you even crying about?” What makes me furious is the general misconception of how people with depression and anxiety should look or behave. If you are depressed, you should look depressed. You should look like you haven’t showered in days. There should be dark circles under your eyes because you haven’t slept enough. People with depression should not smile because they are perpetually sad. They should look like they can cry at the drop of a hat. Most importantly, they are unproductive members of society; students with depression or anxiety should be failing their classes and employed people with depression should be struggling hard to keep up their jobs. You have to be all of this to be taken “seriously” for your condition! For a lot of people with mental illnesses, this is the reality. But people often tend to ignore the fact that the capacities to cope with mental illnesses exist on a spectrum. While one end of that spectrum could be needing the help of others to survive, the other end which is often forgotten, is being highly functional. Yes, we need to talk more about the people who are too functional to be considered “legitimately” depressed by people. It has taken a lot of money and therapy for me to be able to cope up with my depression. It has taken a lot of effort, self-reflection, identifying triggers and the ways to deal with those triggers. Oh, and it took crying - copious amounts of crying over the years. What's important to know is a depressed can overcome his sad state if when he is working on it, nobody interferes rather be supportive else leave them alone. They are no in a way state of taking revenge. They only wish to have peace. But if you don't they will hate you their entire life. So, when you see a person with depression excelling in their job or studies, know that it took years of hard work for them to be able to function “normally.” It is exhausting to be at constant war with yourself all day, every day. Just because someone is not “visibly” depressed does not mean they are not struggling. Being depressed or anxious is not binary. Accomplishments do not invalidate struggles. The “normal” functioning does not give you the right to belittle condition, and certainly not question the severity of it. Just be a little empathetic.
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